A new spin on a golden oldie with Solar Shades

Posted by admin | Business | Posted on January 21st, 2014

Great classics never die. A great classic just keeps reinventing itself. Like beloved roller window shades, now have turned into modern roller and solar shades – a fusion of modern design and forward technology that has brought the roller window shade of days gone by back into vogue.
Comfortex envision roller and solar shades have been reinterpreted in enticing colors and bold textures. Ranging from sensuous sheer fabrics to light-blocking opaque materials, Envision roller shades capture the essence of today’s most desired decorating themes. To complete the transformation into the modern times, operation is smooth, reliable with optional added cordless lift for child and pet safety. An exclusive clutch system allows for precise operation, unlike the old fashion roll up shades, that didn’t always stay where you stopped them, but retracted two to three inches further than intended. Now positioning of a roller shade is a breeze.
New finishing touches like cassette headrail, with fabric matching inserts, conceal the entire shade when raised. The bare tube does not have to be exposed as in the old days, but for a traditional look it can be ordered this way as well. Fascias for have the same purpose, creating an accent of blending with the shades material, ensuring a sleek and finished appearance. For added convenience a motorized lifting system allows with the push of a button to operate your window shade. Radio frequency technology gives far reach of the remote control, even reaching into the room over. The hard to reach windows are now within reach. A far cry from the outdated, windows dressed in Envision roller or solar shades dare to be noticed.



Ideal Women’s Watches to Wear

Posted by admin | Business | Posted on January 10th, 2014

Looking for watches that will not only inform you of the right time but will also make you fashionable effortlessly? Great news! Because there are hundreds of women’s watches you can find available on the market today and each one has been designed for a different purposes. Women’s watches come in many different sizes and styles, making it sometimes hard for us to choose which one to buy that will fit the occasion you will utilized it. women’s sport watches vary in prices as well depending on the brand and style of it. Some of the women’s watches include sports, trendy watches, luxury and casual watches. Some watches are even made with studded diamonds or crystals, and high quality gold or silver.

Luxury women’s watches are very versatile. They are timeless and perfect to wear in formal event. They are usually simple in design yet offer elegancy to the wearer. Luxury watches can definitely cost you thousands of dollars but you can be assured that their quality could last for many many years. For the most versatility, try a watch that has a solid colored band that is either silver or gold in color.

For casual occasions, you can wear the casual watch instead. They are less expensive and can be found in nearly almost any color and materials like leather, metal and plastic bands. Opt for neutral hues and match it with any color of your clothes. Choosing a flashy color can also help you make a great fashion statement.

For Sunday wear, the dressy watches are the ultimate choice. These types of women’s watches are also known as fine jewelry as they usually comes with real gold or silver as well as real diamonds. Some women pick leather band in slimmer bands when attending formal events.

For active women who enjoy sports and outdoor activities, you might consider wearing sport watches. With this watch, you can pick watches that come in extra features like stopwatch, waterproof watch, thermometer, alarm, digital compass and so on. Some of these can be even worn with casual clothing.

Fashion watches typically include features that are currently on trend, such as interesting color combinations, patterns, or very unique shapes. This means that they may look dated in the future, but for now, they will be sure to catch anyone’s eye for all of the right reasons, know how well it can work with your wardrobe, and choose one that is appropriate for the occasion you are going to wear it.