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How To Cure Your Acne Naturally

Acne (pimples/blackhead) is a big problem and can be very embarrassing. You may be having the feeling that, that is how you are and there is nothing anyone can do about it; acne has no cure. I am going to prove you wrong by showing you some simple and natural remedies for acne treatment which can even be more effective and powerful than medication.

Here are some simple things you can do immediately that can help to cure your acne (pimples) and you can start noticing the difference within four weeks.

Honey: Honey has a very good antibacterial content so therefore, its very good for disinfecting an curing minor blemishes in your skin. Apply honey face like a face mask once or twice a week preferably 30 minutes before you take your bath.

Acne Soap: Is very common in the market these days so go get one and wash your face twice daily with it because its design for acne. You should wash first thing in the morning when you wake up and then before you go to be at night. Be very gentle to your skin when washing - you do not need to scrub or use any hard cloth or sponge. Over washing your skin really is not good because stimulate your sebaceous glands to produce more thick oily substance that can increase your acne.

Your Hair: I know you might be wondering what your hair has to do with acne. Adderin Reviews If your hair is very long then you have to learn to pull your hair off your face because you hair contains oils and the chemical treatments used in styling it in the saloon and this can cause your breakout. Washing your hair often is a good thing to do and when you can do that everyday or after workout then make sure you keep it off your face.

Carrot: Is a good source of Vitamin A which is very good in strengthening and protecting tissues of the skin and can really help to prevent acne. To get good Vitamin A from its natural source you need to eat a lot of carrot for better carotene. This vitamin is very good for the maintenance and repair of tissues which the skin is made of. Vitamin A is a great antioxidant that is needed to get rid of toxins from your body and can help to reduce the production of sebum.Studies have shown that  deficiency in vitamin A can actually cause acne.

Make-up: After a beautiful day out learn to clean make-up from your face by washing with acne soap because leaving make-ups on your face can only block you skin pores and this can cause acne. If you really need to wear make up then avoid leaving it on your skin.

Do not pick or squeeze your blackheads and pimples - It is very tempting when you have acne because it will itch you to the extent that you will have no choice than to scratch, pick or squeeze. Doing these can really increase the production of more sebum and when it rupture the result is more pimples and blackhead so avoid it totally.

Posted Tue 11 April 2017 by Brock in Brain Supplements (Adderin, Brain Pills)